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2c Managed Forest Land 

  • New (applying for the first time) enrollment for landowners is May 1st, for taxes payable the following year and must have their new Stewardship Plan registered by May 1st as well.

  • Existing landowners should check with their local county assessor to see if they need to reapply every year. If your Stewardship Plan expired than you need to have it updated and registered with the DNR by January 2nd.


  • New (applying for the first time) enrollment for landowners is October 31st in order to receive a check the following year. Your new Stewardship Plan needs to be sent in for registration by October 31st as well.

  • Existing landowners only need to fill out the document that is mailed to them from the Department of Revenue every year. If your stewardship plan is expired you must have it updated and sent in for registration by July 1st.

Wildlife and Forest Management 

Let's Work Together

Let us help you mange your forest land by starting a Stewardship Plan here!

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