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Woodland Stewardship Plan

For each stewardship plan, we like to take a walk through your woodland with you, the landowner. It is on this walk that we get a chance to meet you and get an understanding of your concerns, objectives, and goals. The timber inventory information we collect along with your objectives will help us prepare your personalized Stewardship Plan. This plan will provide you with information on how timber, wildlife habitat, recreation and other uses can be achieved through proper forestry and wildlife management.

It is our promise that through the stewardship plan process you will never look at your woods the same way again. You will learn that much!

A woodland stewardship plan qualifies to upgrade your tax classification to either 2c Managed Forest Land which allows you to have roughly a 35% reduction in your taxes or Sustainable Forest Incentive Act (SFIA) which the landowner will receive payment for each acre of qualifying forestland they enroll in SFIA. The landowner must choose only one of the programs, which one is right for you?

Is my property eligible for a stewardship plan?

The property must have at least 20 acres of forested land or plan to be forested land.

Benefits of a stewardship plan:

Your wooded parcel is your slice of heaven and haven’t you ever wondered what ecological features make it so special? Making sure those features are maintained and improved is something every private landowner is striving for to increase wildlife, woods, and water. Whatever your goals are is how each corner of your property is analyzed and improved. A stewardship plan is write for every landowner whether you love walking trails, birdwatching, or improving the property for wildlife habitat. Get started with your stewardship plan here.

Let's Work Together

Let us help you mange your forest land by starting a Stewardship Plan here!

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